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Machine Repair NWA can provide your company with everything you need.

1. Manual Machine Repair.

    Bridgeport Mills; our specialty,

    Repair the Head to Stop the Noise it is making.

    We can replace the feed nuts and screws to eliminate Backlash!

    Repair the Powerfeed whether it is Bridgeport or Servo.

    Large inventory of parts.

    Engine Lathes; Leveling and Alignment to achieve accurate parts. Repairing the Headstock, Carriage, Feedbox

    Tailstock, and Compound.

    Grinders; Surface, Cylindrical, and Monosets. Having Problems Grinding both Flat and Parallel?

    We Can Help! Surface Finish Problems? We Can Help!

2. CNC Machine Repair.

    We all know almost ALL Manufacturers have control of the Service and Parts, but We have a lot

    of Experience and Not ALL problems need a Factory Rep. Give Us a Try!

    Way Material Replacement? Noticing "Bad Parts" or Pieces of Blue Plastic in your chips?

    You may need to have the Way Material replaced! The Epoxy used to bond the Way Material normally has

    about a 10 Year Lifespan... 


Machine Alignment 



Machine Leveling


Maintenance Programs


Way Material Replacement

Power sraping.jpeg

Power Scraping


Hand Scraping

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